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How to Join MPH in the USA for International Students

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English proficiency Requirements

To Join MPH as an international student in the USA, International applicants are required to do either TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo English Test (DET). These depend upon the graduate college requirements of the university so it is better to search on the website of the university to which you are applying. They have written information about the minimum score required to get admission on their website so it is better to research the requirements for English proficiency. Generally, a good speaking score is required to be the best fit for scholarships and assistantships like graduate research assistants and Teaching assistants.

Is GRE required to apply for MPH?

After the Global pandemic, many universities in the United States have waived the GRE requirements for admission in MPH programs and submission of Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores is optional but if you have a low GPA from your undergraduate it is better to do the GRE.

How to Apply?

To apply for MPH in the USA in different universities, there is a centralized application portal called SOPHAS. In this portal information about the university, and application deadline can be found and we can even apply via this portal. First, we have to make an account in SOPHAS. For more information visit the SOPHAS website: https://sophas.aspph.org/. The following picture is the interface of the SOPHAS homepage. Most of the universities and colleges which offer MPH programs can be found in SOPHAS but some universities like the University of Nevada Las Vegas is not available in SOPHAS. So you have to apply separately for those universities not available in SOPHAS.

General requirements

  1. English Proficiency
  2. Minimum 3.0 GPA in an undergraduate program
  3. Strong Letters of Recommendation
  4. Outstanding Statement of Purpose
  5. Some universities also require the evaluation or course equivalency document which is to be sent by the university of the country you graduated from to the university you are applying. You can evaluate your transcripts via WES. You can visit the official WES website: https://www.wes.org/.

Assistantship in MPH

After you apply to university and college for an MPH program, an assistantship plays an important role, especially for international students. Most of the university offers graduate assistantship in the form of Research assistants and teaching assistants. It’s better to contact the graduate coordinator of the university if they offer such an assistantship or not. You can simply email them and they will help you in most cases. After confirming that they offer any assistantship, then you can reach out to the professors of the department you are interested in. You may get some interviews as well.

Final Step

After you get an assistantship, request your university to send you an I-20 document. To apply for an F1 ( student visa), fill out the DS-160 form and make an appointment for your interview at the US embassy in your country. During your visa interview, your application will stand out if you have an assistantship that will waive your tuition fees and convince the visa officer that you are financially stable to complete your graduate studies.

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