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MPH In USA, Top University to apply as an international student

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There are lots of universities offering MPH programs in the United States. I want to divide this list in two ways, first I will list all the universities offering MPH programs with the ranking according to US News (1) and will list the universities with MPH program that offers assistantships ( research assistants, teaching assistants, lab assistants).

List of Top Universities Offering MPH Programs in the USA

  1. John Hopkins University
  2. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill,
  3. Emory University
  4. Harvard University
  5. Columbia University
  6. Boston University
  7. University of Washington
  8. University of California Los Angeles
  9. University of California Berkeley
  10. George Washington University
  11. Tulane University
  12. University of Minnesota
  13. Yale University
  14. Brown University
  15. Colorado School of Public Health
  16. University of Pittsburgh
  17. Cornell Univesity
  18. CUNY School of Public Health
  19. Drexel University
  20. New York University
  21. University of Alabama at Birmingham
  22. University of Illinois Chicago
  23. Washington University in St. Louis
  24. Rutgers School of Public Health
  25. University of Iowa
  26. University of Maryland College Park
  27. University of Texas Houston Health Sciences Center
  28. Northwestern University
  29. Ohio State University
  30. Oregon Health & Science University/ Portland State University
  31. San Diego State University
  32. Temple University
  33. University of California Davis
  34. University of Massachusetts Amherst
  35. University of South Florida
  36. University of Wisconsin Madison
  37. Indiana University Bloomington
  38. Texas A&M Health Science Center
  39. University of Arizona
  40. University of Florida
  41. University of Georgia
  42. University of Pennsylvania
  43. University of Southern California
  44. Vanderbilt University
  45. Georgia State University
  46. Morehouse School of Medicine
  47. Tufts Univesity
  48. University at Buffalo -SUNY
  49. University of California Irvine
  50. Dartmouth College
  51. George Mason University
  52. Northeastern University
  53. Pennsylvania State University
  54. St. Louis University
  55. University of San Francisco
  56. California State University-Los Angeles
  57. Florida International University
  58. Indiana University
  59. Loma Linda University
  60. Michigan State University
  61. University of Kentucky
  62. University of Miami
  63. Case Western Reserve University
  64. Oregon State University
  65. Purdue University
  66. University of Albany-SUNY
  67. University of Louisville
  68. University of Maryland–Baltimore
  69. University of North Carolina
  70. University of Utah
  71. Baylor University
  72. University of Connecticut
  73. University of Oklahoma Health Science Center
  74. University of Virginia
  75. Florida State University
  76. University of North Texas Health Science Center
  77. University of Memphis
  78. University of Nevada Las Vegas
  79. University of North Carolina- Greensboro
  80. University of Nevada Reno
  81. University of New Hampshire
  82. University of New Mexico
  83. California State University San Barnadido
  84. Idaho State University
  85. University of Montana
  86. University of North Dakota
  87. University of South Dakota/ South Dakota University
  88. University of West Florida
  89. West Chester University
  90. Eastern Washington University
  91. Rutgers University of Public Health
  92. North Dakota State University
  93. University of New England
  94. University of North Florida
  95. University of Southern Mississippi
  96. University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
  97. University of Toledo
  98. Western Kentucky University
  99. Southern Connecticut State University
  100. Utah State University-CEHS

Above mentioned is the list of universities that offer MPH programs and all the listed universities may not have graduate assistantships available for students. A pro tip is to contact the university if a graduate assistantship is available in the specific department is available or not before applying to the college. I recommend searching for multiple departments beyond public Health. I have seen MPH students working as graduate assistants in departments like the student wellness center of the specific university, and some work in the library, so there is no harm in exploring opportunities beyond the public health department. I listed some university that offers graduate assistantship for MPH students who can be either teaching assistants or research assistants, Refer to the following list:

University offering Graduate Assistantship for Master’s Students in Public Health

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